Weather in the Florida Keys

There are four types of climate in Florida. The vast majority is considered "humid subtropical" as show by the green area on the map, below:

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The rainy season for all of Florida is from May through October as wet air masses build during the heat of the day and drop heavy, but brief, downpours. Key Largo has a much more temperate climate, called "savanna" with breezes. In fact, KL gets half the rain that Miami does in the summer and is about 10 degrees cooler. This is the main reason (not just the activities) why most of Calypso's renters are from the rest of Florida which is hot and humid.

The weather is variable in the rest of Florida with cold spells north of Miami that can destroy the fruit crop overnight. North Florida can have snow or sleet a few times each decade. The Gulf Stream keeps the temperatures moderate from a few miles inland of Stuart on the east coast down and across to Ft. Myers on the west coast. Inland, though, can experience long severe dry spells. The southern-most eastern areas from Miami south (above the Keys) are subject to monsoon-like weather, which drenching rains. So, the weather in KL (while hot in the summer) is dryer and more like the African savanna or plains than the rest of Florida which has a more humid subtropical climate.

Here's a chart of the average temperatures and rainfall for Key West. You can magnify the chart (or any pictures here on this website) by clicking "View" and zooming in, in your Browser's menu bar, or hit the command and + key at the same time
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