Hurricane Irma Storm Report

11/21/17: HURRICANE IRMA REPORT: Irma made landfall in the mid-Keys, which only re-opened for tourists on 10/01/17. Calypso suffered wind damage to the roof-top deck cover, now repaired. All the Keys still have spotty cable (TV is fuzzy at times and all webcams are out) and WiFi is variable. Cell reception is fine–use your phone as a WiFi Hot Spot.

Our floating docks (only a few marinas have them) saved us from the severe damage seen at 95% of the Keys' marinas where fixed docks, along with their attached boats, were submerged in the 6'+ storm surges. Pilot House's (PH) Boardwalk was wrecked, but is now newly rebuilt and the restaurant/Tiki Bar is renovated and open. Throughout the Keys some restaurants and attractions are still closed and there's still some debris along roads in places awaiting removal. But, Calypso and our Marina are just fine & the weather is back to beautiful. See Rae's comments, below, who spent a week on Calypso one month after the storm hit:

***We so don't want to leave :( - You're right… it's a gem… We watched the Clemson game at Pilot House.. the burrito special was crazy delish and big!
(by email received from Rae on 11/20/17)***

KEY LARGO: John Pennekemp Park (11/10/17)- Open for snorkel and glass bottom boat tours, paddle board & kayak sports and beach rental equip. Closed for food service, SCUBA tours and PADI instruction, power boat rental; more
details. Keys Divers instruction/trips & the Coral Restoration Foundation, both at PH, are open.
Snapper's Restaurant (a favorite of ours) is closed, but while rebulding, an "
Irmageddon Menu" is available in a temporary kitchen & restrooms set up in trailers!
ISLAMARADA: Open- Theater of the Sea & offering discounts. Robbie's (feed the Tarpon), open and no waiting!
BIG PINE KEY: Open- National Key Deer
Refuge & No Name Pub.
KEY WEST: Mostly all open.