Calypso and Marina Photographs

From the marina boardwalk, step onto the wide gently sloping ramp which leads you to the 5-foot wide concrete central dock. The dock is very stable with only imperceptible up-and-down movement with the tides. There is no swaying. A baby carriage or wheel chair can be pushed all the way to Calypso, which does have a 9" step up from the dock to its covered front entrance deck.

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The main dock leads from Calypso to the ramp up to the Pilot House Boardwalk. The Coral Reef Restoration Center is visible (yellowish building) at the end of the dock. Note this is a wide (four feet) solid concrete dock that floats, so it’s always at the same height relative to the boats–making on and off boarding easy.
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Roof Deck
A disclaimer: The furniture shown here is different now, as we need to replace it periodically given the summer sun and weather does wear it out often. The layout is pretty much the same, and we have big dock boxes on the roof where you can store the cushions to avoid them getting soaked in a sudden, but brief, rain squall. It is the tropics! (see more about the weather in the Keys, and why most our renters are Floridians).
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3 Bedrooms–1 queen, 1 double, 2 bunks
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Two Full Baths with Showers
Even the bathrooms have marina views!
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Floor Plan
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