Stores, etc.

Family Dollar–MM 105

Winn Dixie Supermarket–MM 105.5
BTW, you can buy beer and wine in a supermarket.

Dunk'n Donuts is at about MM 102

Tradewinds Plaza –MM 101
Just past the Arby on the right heading North at the traffic light you'll find a sub shop, a terrible Chinese restaurant, several small shops, the Key Largo Public Library, and a Publix Supermarket which is a very nice supermarket. Also in the plaza is an amazing K-mart with some of the nicest folks around. In a place like the Keys, the local K-Mart is an essential store for everything from affordable clothes to furniture to small appliances and they cater to the locals. They've been kind and helpful to us at every turn.

Dollar Tree–MM 101
Everything in this store is actually a dollar. From name brand products like large bottles of Prell Shampoo, to cookies, to food, aluminum foil, paper goods, etc. You can outfit your stay on the boat for a few dollars here, if you don't feel like doing dishes.

UPS Store–MM 102

Within Walking Distance of Pilot House–MM 99
Just walk from the marina 1500 feet down Ocean Bay Drive to:
Bank of America cash machine, Walgreens or CVS
You can buy food, beer, wine and liquor in either Walgreens or CVS. Continue walking north another 200 feet to:
A nail salon, the coin laundry, a hair salon, Family Dollar Store, Office Depot, Divers Direct super diving store, SubWay
Or, crossover the Overseas Highway to:
Starbucks, Denny's Latin Café, Doc's Diner, Sushi Nami Japanese restaurant, Snooks Bayside waterfront bar and outside dining, Café Largo Italian dining, Bayside Grill waterfront bar and dining
See the Restaurant section for more about these places. You really don't need a car for the essentials, if you stay at the Pilot House.