General Help in the Marina
• Stop any dock hand (wearing Pilot House T-shirts) for help of any kind

• For problems in the marina, ask at the gas dock for the Dock Master. We'll give you numbers for the marina and you can call ahead to explore bringing your own boat and storing it on a rack, in the water or on its trailer.

Help Regarding the Houseboat
Your local host is Howie Galvani, who lives right in the marina on a trawler. You'll see Howie's black truck near the gas dock. Howie will likely look in on you and be nearby, so if you see them in the marina stop and chat.

Howie, an electrical engineer was heading towards a heart attack "on the mainland" so he moved to Key Largo and now lives on his boat and works as an electrician in his own business. When you rent Calypso, we'll provide you with a cell phone number to reach him almost instantly. We'll also give you numbers for the marina dock master, and back-up numbers for emergencies. Please be respectful of Howie's valuable time, but if you have a problem he is there to help you, and he can fix anything.

But, God forbid, you wreak or "trash the boat" you'll have to deal with him, and he won't be happy! He's charming 99% of the time, but if he's suspicious he'll let you know that trashing the boat is not an option!. Also, over-drinking is especially dangerous in a marina and inappropriate behavior is not tolerated–bear in mind the marina has over 20 cameras recording everything. Having said all that, we've rarely had a problem and we understand that a "girls getaway" or fishing trip is supposed to be fun. Just ask the marina or restaurant staff for help if someone gets tipsy, and you'll get courteous assistance down the docks, right to the door. The marina wants you safe and sound, too.