Entry & Keys
If you rent Calypso, we'll send you a lock box code to get the key, if our host can't meet you. This way you can arrive at any time after check-in at 3:00 PM. The key lock box is next to the front sliding glass door. Replace the key in the lock box as there are keys for you inside on the counter and/or spares are hanging in the living room closet. Use the lock box if you lock yourself out!

The same code works the padlock up to the roof deck. Please lock the gate to protect the furnishings. The main dock is security camera monitored, so if anything goes missing check with Terry, the marina manager, to review the security tapes. This has never happened.

If you have trouble, call the number in the rental information sent/emailed to you. The docks are dimly lit to preserve night vision for incoming mariners, so have a flashlight or use your phone's built-in flashlight.

• Don't park in the Haul Out Bay (between Keys Diver & the Coral Restoration Foundation) where the forklift drops in boats!

• You can park anywhere else there is a space, but the most secure parking are the small fenced-in areas across the street to the side of the American Legion–they are labeled “PARKING” on the map below. Use the 2nd lot (the 1st is for the Keys Divers) as you can then walk through the chain link fence gate, at the dumpsters, along side the PH Restaurant towards slip #14/15. Then hang a quick right (or a left for a quick beer) and you’re there!
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Baths & Laundry
Super clean, new bathrooms with large showers and coin operated washers & driers (quarters, $1.50 & $1.25, respectively) are at the marina office/fuel dock (see above map). There is a machine right there to change $1 and $5 bills into quarters which is a huge convenience. Other, older not so nice, bathrooms are near Keys Diver. Ask any staff member for the combination to use any of the baths.

Two garbage containers are at the end of the dock ramp. If needed, large dumpsters are behind the PH restaurant, on your way to the car.

Lounge, TV, Internet
The boat has two flat screen TV’s on-board; one in the living room and one in the master stateroom. They receive basic cable, nothing fancy. We don’t have a stereo on-board on purpose, to avoid loud music. The marina is typically quiet other than the entertainment at the Pilot House. Most folks use their headphones to listen to music and books we’ve found.

The air conditioned "Captain's Lounge" is next to the laundry/office/fuel dock. It has the best internet wifi signal, a big TV, a computer, and tables to work at. You get 24 channels on the 2 TV's on the boat, both have built-in DVD players. We'll give you a password code for the WiFi system (5 bars strong in the boat).

• You can leave bikes under the boat rack behind Keys Divers next to the boat basin
• Don't leave bikes on the docks overnight
• You can store your own bike or two on the houseboat's front deck overnight but make sure you have unobstructed access to exit the boat in an emergency.

Hours & Noise
The Glass Bottom Bar has entertainment Wednesday–Satruday, be aware you can usually hear the band throughout and on the boat the marina until 11:00 PM. Usually there will be a folk singer, island music group, and occasionally a light rock band. Set the thermostat fan to "ON" to mask any outside noise if the band isn't too great.
• Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM through 7:00 AM

Dock Light
• The docks have dim lighting, carry a flash light or use your cell phone's light. Flashlights are normally (they tend to disappear) provided in each of Calypso's three bedrooms and living room–kindly return them if used.

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