Boat Details


Like most boats, Calypso has only 50 amp electrical service fed by a big extension cord. This is why there is a two burner stove, and there is no conventional oven (there is a microwave). The circuits may become overloaded if you try to iron while the AC is on, a pot is boiling, and the hot water heater clicks on. This is rare, but if a circuit breaker blows turn off electrical devices and click any thrown breakers back to the "on" position. You'll find the breaker panel just behind the water heater in the living room closet. For information about cooking, see the About Cooking page of this website.

Sand and Shoes

Howie, our local boat manager, recommends you to pop your boat mocassins, flip flops, sneakers, etc. off and leave them on the front porch area when entering the boat. There are no rugs on the boat, so sand and grit from boat shoes and sneakers accumulates fast, especially if you have more then two people staying on-board. It’ll eventually find its way into your bed! Howie lives full-time on his boat, across the marina, and he follows the “no shoes” rule on his boat. There is a broom and dustpan in the living room closet. We sanitize everything, even the floors, between guests and rugs just accumulate all kinds of stuff.

Toilet Flushing
Use the foot pedal to flush the toilet. Hold it down as you do business, but not for too long as the running water will fill the holding tank. If the tank has an odor you can add deodorant (look under the sink or ask your hosts) just a few cap-fulls of Pine-Sol per toilet will do it. Use thinner tissue as extra-soft toilet tissue can clog the system. We have two 100 gallon black water tanks, one for each toilet, that are regularly emptied. If you suspect a tank is near full, you can turn the water cock off at the base of the toilet, step on the foot pedal to open the toilet and look down the hole with a flashlight. Contact Howie, the manager, for a pump-out. We’ve never had the tanks fill, yet, over a week even with 8 people on board. But, you never know what the kids are doing… Please tell the kids, and your tipsy brother-in-law, not to throw anything down the toilet except toilet paper and human refuse.

Boaters always conserve water, turning it only when soaping or rinsing. Grey water (all non-sewage from the showers and sinks) goes overboard so try to use biodegradable soap. Call the number for the hosts in Contacts/Help if there are any problems, they can arrange extra pump outs during your stay..

There is a complete dinner service for eight; 4 can sit at the dining table and 4 more (tightly) at the kitchen island so everyone can eat together. Coffee maker, pots and pans, cooking utensils, silverware, etc. are all provided. There is a dishwasher, microwave, double burner ceramic cooktop and side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker. Up on the roof inside the sink island is a nice electric George Foreman grille. Plug it in and use it right there, outside of course. Please empty the grease cup into some paper towels and dispose. Our cleaning crew usually cleans the grille, but you can stick the parts right in the dish washer if you’re so inclined. Our guests say we should tell you this is not your grandmother’s George Foreman grille, but rather a full size kettle grille–so read all about it in the About Cooking page here, and see pictures and actual cooking guides for roasting and grilling.

Dive Gear
Please hang any wet dive gear on the roof deck, not inside the boat. Or, on the front porch.

There is a huge closet in the master bedroom and in one bathroom where empty suitcases can go.

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