About Cooking


Calypso has a modern stainless steel kitchen with a double door refrigerator and dishwasher, but cooking is limited as the boat operates on a 50 amp circuit–there are no overhead power lines to supply high current like at your home. See Boat Details for more about power limitations. There is a toaster oven, an electric two-burner cooktop (range), and a large capacity, built-in microwave oven, but there is no standard oven.

NOTE: Please do not use a gas grill in the marina as they are strictly forbidden due to fire risk.

You can, of course, bring a grille and go to local parks nearby like the Key Largo Community Park 1/2 mile away, or the John Harris Park or Founder’s Parks in Tavernier. These are described in detail in the
Beaches & Pools section of this web site. Our guests have told us that we should describe our electric George Forman grille, as they have typically found it an excellent option for cooking.

Calypso’s Grille

Like all George Forman grilles, our electric model drains fat off into a cup. Otherwise, it functions like a kettle grille. It is an indoor/outdoor model which is stored in the island’s cabinet under the sink on the roof deck. Most guests just take it out, set it on the island’s granite top and plug it in, or you can bring it into the kitchen.
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Temperature settings allow you to use the following cooking guides. It has 240 square inches of cooking surface and holds up to 15 hamburgers at once. You can mount it on a stand (stored under the island) to make it free-standing.

Below are cooking charts for the grille:
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Please empty the grease cup into some paper towels and dispose. Our cleaning crew usually cleans the grille, but you can stick the parts right in the dish washer if you’re so inclined.

Finally, keep in mind that all restaurants in the Keys will cook, for a charge, your fresh catch for you. It is the fishing and diving capital of the world. The Pilot House Restaurant will do its best to accommodate your needs, and you are on vacation, so why cook?