Boat Safety Rules


Welcome aboard! Being on a boat requires extra care. Next to storms, the biggest risk on a vessel is fire. Controlling fire risk is all about prevention. In a marina, among many boats all of which are loaded with fuel, a fire can spread quickly.


Smoking of any type (cigarettes, pipe, etc.) is NOT allowed inside the boat at any time. You can smoke on the top deck, on the docks or (best) 100 feet away on the Boardwalk at the end of the dock, which has tables and chairs for smokers to relax in. There is a sink on the top roof deck, and you should run water over a cigarette's end before throwing it out–in the garbage, not overboard. Each vessel around you has hundreds of gallons of gas and often bottles of propane on board, so think safe about smoking while aboard any boat.

Gas grills are prohibited in the marina due to the risk of fire. You are surrounded by fiberglass boats, all of which carry fuel. See the next section, About Cooking, for details about how to grill and Calypso’s cooking capacity.

Emergency Numbers
If you smell gasoline or propane, or see anything that looks hazardous anywhere in the marina, please alert any of the dock hands in the marina, or report it at the restaurant and at the Marina Office near the gas dock (see the map under Location & Parking in this guide. Or, call the Dock Master's cell: 305-747-4359; after hours: 305-393-3638. The marina does allow boat owners to grill on their boats so don't worry if you see that, unless the grill is unattended. We'll send you your local host's phone number when you rent the boat.

Fire Extinguishers & Flash Lights
Flash lights are kept on the night stands in all three bedrooms. We replace them regularly, as they seem to walk away… Check them when you come aboard and notify the hosts if the batteries are dead. Notice where the fire extinguishers are located, mounted on the walls near the front and rear sliding doors. If you have a fire of any type grab the fire extinguisher, aim it at the base of the fire and pull the trigger. Exit the boat using the door you came in. The master bedroom slider works and can serve as a back exit, but its into the water from there!

Wet Gear
Please hang wet suits, damp diving gear of any type outside either on the top deck or on the front porch. Do not dry out gear inside the boat as it causes humidity that overwhelms the AC and ultimately causes mold. Bathing suits should also dry outside, or throw them in a marina drier for a few minutes.