Talk like a Key Wester

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What the Heck are Mile-markers?
You'll see mile-marker (MM) signs as soon as you arrive on Key Largo (MM 106) which descend to MM 0 when you reach the tip of Key West. Pilot House is between MM 99 & 100, or about 7 miles from when you enter KL on Route U.S. 1. You can figure the distance to any point of interest in the Keys from KL by just setting your trip odometer to zero when you get on Rt. 1
from the marina–which is also called the Ovcrseas Highway. Just add 7 to the figure to account for the fact that you are 7 miles onto Rt. 1 at PH. Key West falls between MM 0-4; the Lower Keys from MM 5-40; Marathon MM 41-71; Islamorada MM 72-90; and Key Largo MM 91-106.

Ocean Side and Bay Side
The Keys are made up of a chain of coral islands separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf side is often referred to as the "Bay side" and the Atlantic side is called "Ocean side.”
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The dredged and marked Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is a channel running alongside the keys on the Gulf side. Thus, you'll hear boaters refer to the ICW or sometimes "The Magenta Line" which is how the ICW is marked on marine charts all along the east coast of the U.S. Power boaters use the protected ICW to travel all the way to Key West in the protected bay-side waters of the Gulf of Mexico. However, the ICW is only dredged to about 3-4 feet, so sail boaters and super yachts have to travel on the ocean side which is referred to as Hawk's Channel.

More About how we discovered PH Marina
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Visit one of Calypso's owner's blogs about marinas in the Keys, especially if you are a boater: Alto's Adventures. He discovered Pilot House after visiting nearly every marina
in the Keys to find a marina for his Ranger Tug, Alto. Read the blog of his four-day road trip with his good friend, Larry, tooling down the Keys. That's how we found the best marina, Pilot House, in the Keys–where he kept his Tug Boat for a winter living on it for a week or so at a time. We liked it so much, now we have a houseboat there for us and for you, too!